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Configure the CardDAV synchronization


You can sync Bitrix24 contacts with your mobile phone using CardDAV protocol. Apple iPhone, iPad, Mac support CardDAV by default.

Before starting contacts synchronization via CardDAV, you need to open your profile page > click Security.

Click the Synchronize button > select contacts you want to synchronize.

  • System Users - that's your colleagues and company's employees (if you need to select several departments, hold Ctrl or Command button if you use Mac).

  • Extranet Users - external users invited to Extranet workgroups.

  • CRM Contacts - you can select which CRM contacts to sync: All or Personal. Also, you can specify how many contacts do you want to sync in the Limit section.

  • CRM Companies - you can select which CRM companies' contacts to sync: All or Personal. Also, you can specify how many companies do you want to sync in the Limit section.

Synchronize by default option is needed for those devices (for example, some Macs) that enquire contacts but don't specify what type of contacts they need (System users, extranet users, CRM contacts or CRM companies).

Don't forget to tick the needed types of contacts and click Save.

Then you need to configure the synchronization on your Apple device. Just follow the instructions provided at the top of the page or in the Employees section.

To use CardDAV synchronization on Android devices, you may need to download third-party apps on Google Play.

This is one-way synchronization, that is, Bitrix24 contacts can be loaded to the Apple device, but cannot be loaded to Bitrix24 from the device.

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