External users in workgroups (Extranet)

Watch the video below to have an idea of how external users can collaborate with your employees in Bitrix24:

Bitrix24 intranet - is a private network accessible only to an organization's staff. Extranet - external users invited to your Bitrix24 intranet with limited access to your account. Extranet users are counted as business tools users.

Intranet vs Extranet User

Intranet and Extranet users have different access levels to your Bitrix24. Here is what external user will see after accepting an invitation to your Bitrix24 intranet (sent from extranet workgroup): 

Extranet users are being invited to the particular Extranet workgroup & have access to the group tools -  group Messages, Drive, Tasks, Calendar, Chat, etc. 

Outside the Extranet workgroup Extranet users also have access to contacts & employees who are listed as Extranet group members:

The Instant Messenger will show Extranet workgroup members & Extranet workgroup chat. This means external user will be able to create person-to-person or private group chats with employees - members of the Extranet group, or use workgroup chat.

See Intranet vs Extranet user comparison chart below:

How to invite external user to Bitrix24 workgroup

You can invite external users to your Bitrix24 workgroups only in frames of Extranet Workgroups. Go to Workgroups > Create > External Workgroup or enable option Available on extranet in workgroup settings:

Use invite employees section to add employees. Use Invite external users to add external users to the workgroup:

Extranet workgroups are marked with orange color, so that you can easily understand which groups have external users. You can also add new external users to the existing Extranet workgroup with the help of Actions tab > Invite to Workgroup.

See all Extranet workgroups

Only Bitrix24 users with administrative rights can see the full list of Extranet workgroups. Go to Profile Page and enable Admin Mode (otherwise you'll see only those Extranet workgroups where you are listed as member). With Admin Mode active - open Workgroups > Extranet.

Move Extranet user to Intranet

Please note that Bitrix24 user with administrative rights only can move Extranet users to Intranet. To move Bitrix24 Extranet user to Intranet - open the Extranet user’s Profile Page > Actions > Transfer to Intranet.

Move Intranet user to Extranet

For example, your employee quit the job but continues to work with your company on some projects. The easiest way to organize such work is to move this employee to Extranet.

Read more in the article - Move employees to Extranet.

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