Synchronize Bitrix24 calendar with Google Calendar

You can connect your Google Calendar to Bitrix24. All events in your Google calendar will be mirrored in Bitrix24 and vice versa.

How to connect Google Calendar

Open the Calendar section > click the Synchronize button.

Select Google Calendar.

Click Connect > select your Google Account > scroll down and click Allow.

You'll see that there is a green checkmark on the Google Calendar icon, and the events from the Google Calendar will be added to your Bitrix24 calendar.

In Bitrix24, a separate calendar is created in the list of calendars. You can access this list in the Calendar > Calendars section. You can deactivate the Google Calendar there if needed.

All events added to Google Calendar will be automatically added to your Bitrix24.

When creating a new event, select the connected Google Calendar and this event will be automatically added to your Google Calendar as well as to Bitrix24.

How to disconnect Google Calendar

To disconnect Google Calendar, click the Synchronize button > click Disconnect.

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