Calendar synchronization in Bitrix24

Calendar is an important tool for business to plan meetings and events and fix them in a calendar.

The Bitrix24.Calendar differs from the personal calendar: it allows you to collaborate with colleagues and arrange meetings taking into account the schedule of other employees.

Set up the synchronization of your Bitrix24 calendar with the necessary services: Google, Microsoft or iCloud.

Synchronize Bitrix24.Calendar

Go to the Calendar section and click the Synchronize button.

Connect the most popular calendars:

Mobile and desktop calendars are also available for synchronization. Click Connect other calendars.

Select the desired calendar and set up synchronization with it.

Synchronize calendar with mobile device

Synchronize the Bitrix24.Calendar with your mobile, depending on its operating system.

If you have a sync with Google Calendar, you can connect it on your smartphone.

Read more information in the article: Connect Google Calendar synchronized with Bitrix24 on mobile device.
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