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Synchronize Bitrix24 calendar with iPhone

To have all your meetings and calendar events in one place, synchronize your Bitrix24 calendar with your iPhone calendar.

After syncing your Apple device, all current events will be synced across both calendars. If you create an event in one calendar, then it will appear in the other.

Synchronize calendar using the QR code

Go to the Calendar section > click the Synchronize calendar button.

Select the iPhone Calendar option.

Scan the QR code of your calendar with your camera.

On your iPhone, allow profile authorization.

Click QR code Bitrix 24 notification and you will be taken to a special page. This is a guide for downloading a profile. Click the Download profile button:

Go to the Settings > Profile downloaded:

Install the profile.

Enter your passcode.

Tap Done. The profile is installed.

If, for some reason, calendars have not been synced, make sure that you're trying to sync the calendar of the same account. Then scan the QR code again. Before scanning, make sure to close the slider with a code and open it again. This will generate the new QR code.

Sync calendar manually

Go to the Settings section of your Apple device > tap Passwords & Accounts.

Tap Add Account > select the Other type of a new account.

Next, select the Add CalDAV Account option and fill in your Bitrix24 account login details - account address (server) without https:// (if needed, you can specify port - address:port), username (Bitrix24 login), password, description (optional).

If you have enabled the two-step authentication (OTP), use the application password (Calendar section), not your Bitrix24 account password.

Allow your calendar to access iOS apps and tap Save.

Done! You can check that your Bitrix24 calendar is successfully connected to your iOS calendar in the Calendar section.

Apple devices with the latest iOS version will be connected automatically. If you have an older iOS version, you need to specify the following information in the Additional settings of the created account:
  • Account URL - https protocol;
  • Authorization type - Use SSL and port (default port - 448).

Synchronization status

Click the Synchronize calendar button to view the synchronization status.

When the iPhone calendar is connected, the status is changed automatically. If you hover over the status, the information about the latest synchronization is displayed.

If you get an error when clicking the Update button (for example, due to the passcode has been changed), we recommend reconnecting the calendar.

How to disable the calendar synchronization

Go to the Settings. Click General > VPN & Device Management.

In the Configuration profile section, select the calendar account and click Remove.

Enter your passcode and confirm the action.

Disable calendar synchronization manually

You can also disable synchronization in the Settings section > Calendar > Accounts.

Select the calendar and delete its account from your iPhone. To do this, swipe the slider to the left and confirm the action.

The calendar events will stop appearing, but the synchronization status will remain for 24 hours.

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