Connect Mac Calendar to Bitrix24

Connect your Mac Calendar to Bitrix24 in a few clicks!

The system supports a two-way synchronization between you Bitrix24 calendar and iCal. Once you create an event in one of these calendars, it will also appear in another one.
  1. Open Mac Calendar > Preferences > Accounts and click on + icon to add a new calendar:

  2. Choose Calendar account provider – Other CalDAV Account:

  3. Set Account Type as Manual and provide your Bitrix24 account details: account login (email address), account password and address (e.g.
    If you use two-step authorization, you need to generate a special separate Calendar password when connecting your Mac Calendar in order to keep it synchronized with Bitrix24.
  4. That's it! Your events are synchronized now.
You can delete Bitrix24 Mac calendar connection at any time inside Mac Calendar Preferences > Accounts with the help of icon.
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