Connect MS Outlook to Bitrix24 calendar

Outlook 2010 or higher version is required for fully functional integration. This option is available to Windows users and Bitrix24 calendars only.

How to connect MS Outlook calendar

Go to the Calendar section and click the Synchronize calendar button.

Click Connect other calendars.

Click on the Outlook Calendar block and select the Bitrix24 calendar you want to synchronize.

The browser will request to open the MS Outlook app.

In the MS Outlook app, you will be asked if you want to connect the Bitrix24 calendar. Click Yes.

The Bitrix24 calendar will appear in the list of calendars on the left, and all synchronized events will be automatically added to your MS Outlook calendar and vice versa.

On the Bitrix24 Calendar page, the Outlook Calendar block will turn orange. It means that synchronization was successful.

To display the events time correctly, check time zones in the settings of both calendars. They must be the same.

How to pause or disconnect synchronization

Synchronization with MS Outlook calendar can be paused or disabled on the Outlook side:

  • To pause synchronization, remove the check mark from the calendar.
  • To disconnect synchronization, click on the Bitrix24 calendar and choose Delete calendar from the menu.
Synchronization will stop, but the synchronization status stays the same in Bitrix24 for 7 days.
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