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Work with other users calendars


In Bitrix24 you can add other users calendars to your favorite calendars list (here is how) if you have sufficient permissions – this will allow you to view multiple calendars events at the same time from My Workspace > Calendar section.

Please note that when you add other user’s calendar to favorites – you will be able to view this user’s calendar form My Workspace > Calendar only, but not add or edit events. To edit other user’s calendars you have access to, you need to open the user’s profile > calendar > add event:

In case you don't see the "add" event tab in other user's calendar you can switch on "admin mode" in your profile page & either edit events being in admin mode or set access permissions for "administrators = full access" for the other user's calendar.To set this level of access for administrators please:

  • open user's profile page>calendar (in admin mode)
  • click "edit" in the user's calendar menu
  • open access permissions section & click "add"
  • add "portal administrators" and set access level as "full access"
  • exit admin mode

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