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Configure favorite calendars


In Bitrix24 you can add other users calendars or group calendars to your Favorite Calendars (provided you have sufficient access permissions for the user calendar). It will allow you to view multiple calendars events at the same time from My Calendar section with no need to go the user or group calendar. 

Here is how:

  • From My Calendar section > Settings > Configure Favorite Calendars:

Select calendars you'd like to connect & click Save:

  • or from User (Group) calendar page > Add to Favorites:

Please note that Favorite Calendars allow to view connected calendars events only, not edit or add new events.
Edit User Calendars

To edit other user’s calendars (edit or add events) go to User Profile > Calendar:

In case you don't see the Add event tab in other user's calendar:

  • either activate Admin Mode & edit calendars in this mode (for account administrators)  
  • or configure access permissions for the calendar 

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