Sales Intelligence analytical reports

You can view Sales Intelligence analytical reports in CRM > Analytics > Sales Intelligence > Reports.

Advertising ROI

The first report shows the effectiveness of each traffic source. Which traffic source makes more money? Which traffic source has a higher conversion rate?

Here you can see a kind of a sales funnel divided into parts. Each part stands for one traffic channel. Also, you can view the sales conversion rate.

For example, we can see that there were two deals from clients from Facebook, one of them was completed as won. So the Facebook conversion rate is 50%.

You can also view these data in the table view:

This table shows how many leads, deals and won deals were generated from each traffic source, conversion rate and a total sum of won deals.

Traffic report

The second report shows how effective managers work with each traffic source.

Here you can see a sales funnel and the sales conversion rate.

These data are also presented in a table view. You can view the information about each employee there.

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