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Connect Bitrix24 Live Chat

You can connect Bitrix24 Live Chat to Open Channels and get clients enquires from your website.

Clients messages are processed in Bitrix24 Messenger by employees added to the open channel's Responsible person queue.

There are three ways to use Live Chat for communicating with your clients:

  1. Public page (no website needed)
  2. Add website widget to your own website
  3. Add website widget to your Bitrix24.Sites website

Public page

  1. Click Contact center > Live chat.
  2. Select an Open Channel you want to connect Live Chat to or create a new one. Then click Connect.
  3. Specify the public page address. The public page link that you send to a client is presented below the address field.
  4. Click public page settings to configure:
    • Chat design - upload an image that will be used as the chat page background.
    • Custom CSS - activate this option to specify CSS file path or CSS code.
    • Signature - activate this option to remove signature Powered by Bitrix24 (available to commercial plans subscribers)
  5. Click custom messages to edit the default text on the public page.
  6. Here's what your client sees when follows the public page link:

Add website widget to your own website

To add website widget to your own website, you need to copy a widget code and paste it to your website code before </body> tag.

You can find website widget code in the CRM section > More > Website Widget. Then select a website widget or create a new one:

Then select an open channel with connected Live Chat or create a new one and copy the code.

Also, you can configure widget view, position on the page, welcome message, etc.

Read more about Website Widget in the article - Website widget: chat, web form and callback.

Don't forget to click Save.

Add website widget to your Bitrix24.Sites website

By default, when you create a new website in Bitrix24.Sites, it already has a website widget. But in case you haven't created a website widget yet or you want to use the other website widget, you can configure a new website widget in no time.

Open Sites > click Actions >Configure site.

Choose the widget you want to add in Website widget section or click Edit settings to create a new one.

Read more about adding a website widget to your Bitrix24.Sites website in the article - Add Open channels website widget to Bitrix24.Sites website.
Please note that you cannot test Live Chat connection in a browser where you have already logged in to Bitrix24, as authorized users of your Bitrix24 cannot use a chat on a public page. Log out or use a new incognito window.
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