Conversation statistics

Chat statistics will help you evaluate the most popular open channel: employees' effectiveness, average reply time, satisfaction rate, etc.

How it works

Go to the Contact center section and open the Conversation statistics tab.

Reports are presented as widgets, and you can move them with a mouse.

If you accidentally delete a widget, you can always Reset to default view by clicking the cogwheel button.

Report settings

You can configure any widget. There are two ways to do that: you can click the cogwheel button and select Settings or click the Configure button.

The following parameters can be configured:

  • Click the Pencil button to rename the report.

  • Click By filter to set a Reporting Period.

  • You can select the report presentation form: line graph, bar chart, pie chart, donut diagram, stacked column chart, number, funnel, dual axis graph, active or list.

  • Scroll down the page and. set the category and the source of the data used in the report.

Report filters

Click the search bar to filter reports. This filter applies to all reports.

You can also apply an individual filter to each report.

Add a new widget

Click the button at the top right corner to Add widget.

Click Create report or select a default template.

Customize a new report and click Create.

Check the Save as Preset box to use this template in the future.

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