New Bitrix24 Desktop app

The new 8.1 version of the Bitrix24 Desktop app is out!

What's new:

  • The file revision history tracking algorithm has been redesigned. Now it takes less time to sync your Bitrix24 Drive files with files stored on your hard drive.

  • The Desktop app now supports sliders. You can open tasks, leads or deals inside the chat by clicking the corresponding links and work with them as in a regular browser.

    If you don't need this option, you can always disable it in the Desktop app settings.

  • The new Synchronize all option starts the full scan of files stored on your hard drive and Bitrix24 Drive and syncs them if needed. Previously you would need to reconnect Bitrix24 Drive in the Desktop app.

    There are two ways to store and sync files in the Desktop app:

    • Classic mode - all connected files are stored and synced on your hard drive.

    • Elastic drive - files are not downloaded on your hard drive. On your hard drive, you can view just a list of these files. They are downloaded only when you start working with these files (open, rename, etc.), which helps to save free space on your hard drive.
      Read more about the elastic drive option in the article - Bitrix24 Drive synchronization.

Other improvements

  • New indicators for different synchronization statuses.
  • Separate window for synchronization errors.
  • Finder extension optimization (macOS).
  • New version of the elastic drive driver (macOS Catalina compatible).
  • New version of the elastic drive driver for Windows.
  • Compatibility with the iframe applications (Bitrix24 Desktop app for Windows).
  • Bitrix24 Desktop app installation software is now certified by Apple in accordance with stricter security requirements of macOS Catalina.
  • New app interface language is available - French.


You can download the latest version of the Bitrix24 Desktop app on our website.

Also, you can check for updates in the About Bitrix24 section of the Bitrix24 Desktop app.

Read more in the article - How to update Bitrix24 Desktop app.
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