RPA: create a new workflow

Before creating a new RPA workflow in Bitrix24, think about all the details: who can start the workflow, who can edit the workflow, what actions will be performed on each step, etc. Then visualize the workflow on paper or create a mind map.

Go to the Robotic Process Automation (RPA) section > click New workflow.

In the New workflow slider, you need to specify the following parameters of the workflow:

  • Name.
  • Users allowed to start the workflow.
  • Fields to fill in upon start. For example, if it's the leave approval workflow, you may need to create a new Date/Time field so that your employees would be able to select their leave dates.
    Read more about custom fields in the article - Custom fields in CRM.
  • Users allowed to edit the workflow.
  • Workflow image.

You can read about creating new assignments and configuring workflows in the article - RPA: configure a workflow

RPA workflows are available for all Bitrix24 plans subscribers, including the Free plan users. Learn more about plans and pricing here - Bitrix24 Cloud pricing.
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