Tasks: Access permissions

In Bitrix24, you can configure access permissions for working with tasks. Configure roles, assign these roles to your employees or departments, and thus organize workflow in your company.

Access permissions in tasks are available to Professional plan subscribers. Read more here -Bitrix24 Cloud pricing.

How it works

Go to the Tasks and Projects section > click More > Access Permissions.

By default, only administrators can configure access permissions to tasks.

By default, there are three pre-configured roles available.

Full access - click the + button to assign this role to employees or department. Users with this role have full access to all possible actions with tasks.

By default, the Full access role doesn't give access to configuring access permissions. You need to enable this option manually if needed.
Use the toggle to enable or disable access to each action.

Supervisor - this role is assigned to all supervisors by default. For example, users that have this role cannot edit tasks they are responsible for but can delegate it to another employee.

Employee - this role is assigned to all other employees. The main difference with the Supervisor role is that the Employee role doesn't allow viewing all tasks in the department.

How to create a new role

To create a new role, click the Create role button and enter the role's name.

Click the + button to assign the created role to employees or departments.

If several roles have been assigned to one user, this user will have all access permissions specified in these roles.

Then you need to configure access permissions for the created role.

Don't forget to save changes.

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