Add photo to the profile

Personalize your profile so your coworkers recognize you.

Upload a profile photo from drive

You can upload a photo from your computer. Click on the name and and select Profile.

On the profile page, hover the mouse over the photo area and click Upload photo.

Select the desired image from the drive.

The following image file types can be uploaded: JPG, PNG and GIF. If the uploaded photo is not saved, please try to delete the current photo first and then add the new one again.

Edit the uploaded photo using the slider with the left mouse button pressed. Save your changes.

Take a photo using a webcam

If you do not want to spend time looking for a suitable photo, use a webcam. Click Take photo in the photo area in your profile.

Take a photo by pressing the camera button.

If necessary, you can try again or resize the image. Save the changes.

To remove a photo from your profile, click the cross in the upper right corner.

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