Configure login history in Bitrix24 On-Premise version

The Login History page displays the date and time of the visit, geolocation, the device type (PC or phone), the operating system, browser, and IP address.

In the Bitrix24 On-Premise version, you need to configure the Login History settings.

In the administrative interface of the Bitrix24 On-Premise version, go to the Settings section - System settings - Module settings - Main module. Enable three options in the Event log tab:

  • Save user login and device history

  • Days to keep login history

  • Also collect geolocation data


Configuring device detection

For better device detection, you need to connect the PHP browscap library. You can download it from the project website: Browser Capabilitiesphp_browscap.ini version is sufficient.

Next, you need to specify the location of the php_browscap.ini file in the php.ini PHP settings file and restart the PHP service.

If you use Virtual Appliance, it can be done with several console commands from the root user:

mkdir -p /opt/browscap && cd /opt/browscap
curl -o php_browscap.ini
touch /etc/php.d/browscap.ini
echo '' >> /etc/php.d/browscap.ini
echo 'browscap=/opt/browscap/php_browscap.ini' >> /etc/php.d/browscap.ini
echo '' >> /etc/php.d/browscap.ini
systemctl restart httpd.service

Geolocation settings

Go to the Settings section - System settings - Geolocation and set up a suitable geolocation handler: GeoIP2, MaxMind or Sypex Geo.


If you do not configure the geolocation handler, the Geolocation column in the report will be undefined.

For additional optimization, go to the Settings section - Product Settings - Module Settings - Main Module and then in the Settings tab enable the Save Geonames provided locations names to the local database option.

Save geonames

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