No-Legacy Project

Bitrix24 was launched 10 years ago with the goal of providing cutting edge sales, communication and collaboration tools to our clients. Our goal is to stay ahead of the curve and anticipate future trends, giving you solutions to both current and future problems today. Our core principle is to stay the low-cost leader with the best product for the best price for business cloud services.

Bitrix24 interface
Bitrix24 ten years ago and now are two entirely different products with different feature sets and capabilities

Bitrix24 plans have to evolve with product changes and client requirements. For example, as medium and large companies started using our cloud services, we launched Bitrix24 Enterprise plans to accommodate their requirements. But even when outdated plans were moved to the archived status, we would continue supporting them.

No-Legacy Project

This year we initiated a “No-Legacy Project”. This complex and multifaceted project is centered around:

  • User experience and interface
  • Client focus and business requirements
  • Mobile capabilities
  • Affordability
  • Enhancing infrastructure and performance

Getting rid of old legacy solutions is absolutely necessary to achieve these goals, provide faster service, guarantee product safety, and speed up new feature releases. The changes will benefit all Bitrix24 users.

What’s the issue with archived plans?

The majority of Bitrix24 users are using current plans. Legacy plans are used by a small minority.

Because of our commitment to all users, our team has to support all 18 legacy plans that receive no updates and are hosted using outdated infrastructure solutions that are both slower and less secure. This is a serious burden for developers, QA specialists and system architects. Last year these 18 plans required 12 additional ‘testing days’ and these 4% of all accounts were the cause of 48% of all ‘hot-fixes’.

Cloud plans
Page 1 of 20 of the feature distribution chart for our legacy plans

It simply makes no sense to spend as much time and resources on maintaining legacy plans as on developing new features and improving existing service. However, as of right now, no new code can be released or optimized unless all compatibility issues with archived plans are resolved first.

We are also seriously concerned with security issues associated with legacy plans. These plans receive no updates, so when a threat or vulnerability is detected, a security patch has to be delivered manually in each instance. This is simply unacceptable because we strongly believe that all security updates should be distributed in real time to all Bitrix24 users.

In order for this to happen, we’ve made a decision that all legacy users will need to migrate to current plans. After the migration is completed, all legacy plans will be disabled, and our legacy infrastructure will be shut down.

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