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Write-off documents are required for accounting for lost or damaged products. If you don't write off such products, this may result in inventory mismanagement and distorted reports.

A write-off document will come in handy if:

  • a product has been damaged during shipping;
  • a product has passed its expiration date;
  • a product has been lost or stolen.

In Bitrix24 Mobile app, you can manage write-offs and account for the loss of products.

For example, you find out that some products are missing or were damaged during delivery. You can enter this information in Bitrix24 to correct balances in the warehouse.

How to create a write-off

To create a document, click the + button in the bottom right corner and select Write-off in the list.

Then select the products. In the Mobile app, you can create a new product, find a product by barcode or pick a product from the catalog. Let's see how to work with the write-off document by picking the damaged product from the catalog.

Product variants are available when working in the full version.

Enter the quantity of the product and specify the warehouse where you need to carry out a write-off, then click Create.

The document will be saved as a draft. Process the document to update the information on inventory balances in stock.

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