Connect Bitrix24.Network

Bitrix24.Network brings together all Bitrix24 users. Connect Bitrix24.Network with Bitrix24 open channels and communicate with your clients, partners, and colleagues.

Connect Bitrix24.Network

Go to CRM > Add-ons > Contact Center > Bitrix24.Network.

Select an open channel which you want to connect Bitrix24.Network with or create a new one by clicking Create Open Channel > Configure.

Click Connect to connect Bitrix24.Network.

Fill out the opened form.

  • Name - the name of the chat in the contact list. Also, your clients can find this chat by its name.

  • Brief description - briefly describe your chat so that your clients could understand what this chat is for. This description is also displayed in the contact list.

  • Greeting message - your client receives this message when he/she opens the chat.

    If you want to address the client by name, just paste # USER_NAME # to the greeting message.
  • Avatar - upload a unique avatar to let your clients find this chat faster.

  • Searchable - enable this option so that your clients could find this chat by its name.

  • Search code - send this code to your clients so that they could find this chat even if the Searchable option is disabled.

Save the settings, and Bitrix24.Network is connected.

Create a non-searchable private support channel

You can create a private non-searchable support channel.

Just disable the Searchable option when connecting Bitrix24.Network with Bitrix24 open channel and share the search code with your customers so they can contact your company or connect to your channel via the REST API.

Your client enters the code to the search field in Bitirix24 Messenger and clicks Search in Bitrix24.Network.

Your client sends you a message via Bitrix24 Messenger.

You get the client's message in Bitrix24 Messenger. If the customer is not found in the CRM database, a new lead is created. The message history is saved to CRM form.

For developers: you also can connect an Open Channel for your clients using REST API. Find more information about it in the REST API Documentation.

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