Connect Viber

You can connect Viber with Bitrix24 and get customers' messages in Bitrix24 chat.

Go to CRM > Add-ons > Contact Center. Select Viber and click Connect.

You need to have an active Viber account to create a Viber bot. Create a new Viber account if you don't have one.

Create a new Viber bot

  1. Create a partner account.

    If you already have a partner account, just log in and skip this step.
    • Enter your phone number that will be used for a partner account. Your clients won't see this number.

    • You will get a message with a verification code in the Viber mobile app. Enter this code.

    • Enter your email address and password.

  2. Click Create Bot Account.

  3. Fill out the form.

  4. Click Create and your Viber bot will be created. Copy the Private token. You'll need it to connect this bot to Bitrix24 account.

Get token for the existing Viber bot

Log in to your partner account. Open the Info tab, scroll down and copy the token.

Paste your public account key (Private token) and click Connect.

Done! You are all set and ready to receive Viber messages in Bitrix24 chat.

How it works

Your client clicks a website widget and sends you a message via Viber.

You get this message in Bitrix24 chat. If the customer is not found in CRM, a new lead is created. The conversation is saved to a corresponding CRM entity form.

Automatic lead creation depends on your Open Channel settings. Read more in the article - Open Channel settings.
Viber doesn't pass the client's phone number when you communicate with this client. You can get the client's phone number saved to CRM only if he/she sends a message containing the phone number.

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