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Website widget

A website widget is a communication tool that is integrated into a website to facilitate interaction with visitors. It unifies various digital communication channels, including chat, CRM form, and callback option.

Visitors just click the button and select a preferred means of communication. Take advantage of this feature to improve overall site conversion and increase sales.

In this article:

How to create a new widget

Go to CRM > Add-ons > Website Widget.

The standard widget is already there at your disposal. The widgets you create will be displayed under My company's widgets.

This page also provides general information about each widget. You can click the Edit button under this block to configure a widget.

Click the Create widget button to add a new one.

A new widget form opens on a new sliding page. Specify the widget name and proceed with its settings.

Widget settings

Widget settings allow you to activate either chosen or all options (online chat (via Bitrix24 Open Channels), callback, CRM form). By default, all of them are enabled.

Open Channel

Open Channel is used to collect inquiries from different sources and route them to the Bitrix24 Messenger.

Learn how to connect different communication channels to Bitrix24.

Select an Open Channel from the dropdown list, and you will see the messengers and social networks connected to it. Tick the ones you want to use in the widget.

You can also add another open channel below. That comes in handy when you need to display social networks and messengers connected to different open channels.

CRM form

A CRM form is a tool for receiving information from customers.

Learn more about CRM forms.

Select a CRM form from the list, or create a new one.


This option is available only on the commercial plans.

Callback is a special use case for CRM form. It allows you to get a potential client's phone number and quickly call them back.

Select a callback form from the list, or create a new one.

Read more about using callbacks in the article - Callback form.

Working time preferences

Configure working time preferences for your website widget sections separately - chat, CRM form, or callback form.

Under Working time preferences, specify if the widget will be shown only during working hours configured here.

Widget display settings

Configure widget display settings for your website widget sections separately - chat, CRM form, or callback form.

Under Widget display settings, select website pages on which a specific option will be displayed.

Auto welcome message

You can set up the Auto welcome message that will appear next to the widget.

Enable the option and select the pages that will show the welcome message to your customers.

Then upload an image and customize the text to attract more clients. Also, you can specify a delay before displaying the message to visitors. If there are some pages where you don't need it at all, enter their addresses in the special fields below.

If you’d like to add a different welcome message on some other pages, click add welcome message below.

Widget view settings

On the right panel, you can manage some additional settings.

Configure the widget icon and background colors.

Then set the widget position on the site. Also, you can specify a delay before displaying the widget to visitors.

Mobile devices - hide on mobile option allows you to hide the widget from clients browsing your website from mobile devices.

Bitrix24 commercial plans subscribers can remove Powered by Bitrix24 from the website widget template.

Select language option will determine which default language will be used inside your website widget.

Note that the website widget will not automatically translate your custom texts added manually.

Place a widget on your website

You can use a website widget on sites created with Bitrix24 or in another CMS.

In Bitrix24 Sites, specify the required widget in the site settings.

For more information, see Add website widget.

To get the widget code for a third-party website, click the Embed code button.

Then paste it to the code of your website template before the /body close tag.

Find an example of using a widget code on your own site in the article - Use Bitrix24 website widget for WIX.
If you connect the widget to a site in Bitrix24 On-Premise version, make sure you have installed a version of the Main Module not lower than 19.0.500. Otherwise, the widget will not work properly.

How to delete a widget

You can only remove My company's widgets. Pre-installed widgets cannot be removed. To delete a widget, click the cross in the upper right corner.

After deleting a widget in your account, it will disappear on all the websites to which it was connected.
Learn more about it in the article - Remove a widget from a website.
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