Multiple accounts in Bitrix24 Desktop app

You can work in several Bitrix24 accounts in the Bitrix24 Desktop app. No matter if these are On-Premise or Cloud accounts. You can switch between them, and receive messages and notifications.

To add another Bitrix24 account, click the + button at the top.

Enter your login details: Bitrix24 address, login, and password. Or, you can use the Sign in using login and password option and select a Bitrix24 account (if you have multiple ones).

Read more in the article - Log in to Bitrix24 Desktop application.

Click the cross on the right side of the tab to close it.

To restore the closed tab, open the Messenger window and click the My Bitrix24 button in the left bottom corner.

Next, select the required Bitrix24 account from the list.

Also, you can delete the Bitrix24 account from the list of accounts by clicking the cross next to its address.

Before deleting a Bitrix24 account from the list, ensure that you have switched to another tab. Log in to the removed account again if you need it back in the Desktop app.
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