Company structure

Bitrix24 Company Structure page visually demonstrates the hierarchy of the company’s offices and departments.

Open the Company section - Company structure page.

Only account administrator can configure the company structure.

By default, Bitrix24 already has the main division of the company and its departments configured. All invited employees will be automatically added to the top division of the structure, except for those who were added with a link to the department.

You can edit, delete departments and add new ones.

Add a new department

If you have a large company, you can add several departments to the company structure.

Click the Add department button. Specify the department name, select the supervisor, and click Add.

Each department may have only one supervisor.

The new department will immediately appear in the company structure.

If necessary, you can drag and drop a department to another place.

Assign an employee to a department

To assign an employee to a specific department, drag and drop him/her to the desired department.

If you want an employee to be in several departments, press the Shift key when dragging an employee to a department.

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