How to register a Bitrix24 account

Bitrix24 is a service for business management, with a set of useful tools. Create a portal for your company and get started now.

There are several ways to register your Bitrix24. Let's consider them in details.

Registration using e-mail

This method of registration is the easiest. We recommend it for you to use.

Enter your email address and click the Register for free button on the registration page. You will receive information to the specified e-mail: your Bitrix24 address, login and e-mail confirmation link.

Without email confirmation, you will not be able to:

  • Log in to the portal

  • Purchase a commercial plan

  • Pay for telephony services and make calls

Registration using social networks

The next way to register - social services: Facebook, Google, Apple Sign In, Office365, LiveID and Twitter.

Select the appropriate service and log in to it. If necessary, allow access to the application. Click the Register for free button and the process of creating your Bitrix24 will start.

We recommend that you specify your email in the account you registered using the social network. In this case, you can set a login and password for authorization, and use these data to sign in to your account.

Registration via Bitrix24.Network profile

Bitrix24.Network profile – is a user profile that displays all the accounts where the user is registered.

Read more information in the article: Bitrix24.Network profile.

To register your portal in Bitrix24.Network profile, go to and sign in.

In the bottom left menu, click Create Bitrix24, then click Create new Bitrix24.

When registering via social networks or Bitrix24.Network profile, the password and confirmation link do not come.

Register Bitrix24 in the mobile app

Open the Bitrix24 mobile app and tap Create for free. Enter your email or use one of the provided services. Confirm that you accept the Terms of Service and the Privacy Policy and you account will be created.

Read more information in the article: Mobile app features.

You can also register your account in the Bitrix24 Desktop application.

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