How to register & confirm an email address

Currently you can create new Bitrix24 account in a few clicks, just by providing your email address. A new Bitrix24 will be created & you can start exploring it and, even, invite new users.

Please note that several options may be limited until you confirm your email address (e.g. Telephony, Bitrix24 Network, upper plans, etc.). New users that you have invited will also be notified that the account owner (creator) hasn't confirmed his\her email address yet.

Change Account Name

When a new Bitrix24 is created - it is automatically given a random account name. You can change this name under Settings (left -side menu Settings option, scroll to the bottom on the settings list). Please note that you can change account name only once (Bitrix24 Standard & Professional plan subscribers have additional privileges here).

After the account name is changed, your Bitrix24 page will reload automatically (your account url will be updated) & all users of your account will be notified about address change in General chat

Edit Own Profile

If you'd like to edit own profile - e.g. add contact details, profile photo, date of birth or position, please click on right top corner (photo) and choose Edit Profile Settings. 

Important: if you need to change your Bitrix24 login or password - this can be done only in your Bitrix24 Network Profile Page (read more here).  

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