Open Channels: Quality Assessment

In Bitrix24, you can configure quality assessment for each open channel.

Quality assessment option is available to Bitrix24 Start+, CRM+, Standard or Professional plans subscribers only.

Agent performance can be rated by clients and by supervisor.

Rated by client

Activate the Ask a client to rate agent performance option when configuring an open channel (Contact center > select a social network/messenger > select an open channel > click Configure > Quality Assessment).

There are two types of rating requests:

  1. Graphic type of rating requests is used in Live Chat and Bitrix24.Network.
  2. Text type of rating requests is used in other communication channels.

After a client rates a conversation with your employee, this employee will get the corresponding notification:

If you don't want to get such notifications, you can disable them in Notifications settings (Configure notifications > Advanced mode > Open channels > Client rating notification).

You can view clients ratings in the Contact center section > Chat list.

Rated by supervisor

Supervisors can also rate conversations. This rating can be viewed in the Contact center > Chat list section.

There are three ways a supervisor can rate conversations:

  1. Straight in the Chat list section.
  2. In the message history.
  3. In the chat window.
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