Conversations list

There are two types of conversations list view:

  • Default view - conversations are sorted by the last message date and time.

  • After clicking the search field - all conversations are displayed and grouped by the chat type: Public chats, Private chats, Open channels, Phone calls, Personal chats, Chat bots, Person-to-person external chats, etc.

You can contact any of your colleagues straight from the Personal chat section of the conversations list. Also, the workgroup members can find this workgroup's chat in the conversations list.

New Bitrix24 users are added to the conversations list automatically after being added to the company structure.

Pin conversation

Right-click a conversation in the list > click Pin conversation to pin the conversation.

You can unpin the conversation in the same way.

Search option

Click the Search field and start typing the user name or private/public chat name. You'll get search results immediately.

Actions menu

Right-click a conversation to open the actions menu. You can Send message, Pin conversation, make an HD Video call, open User profile, or Hide chat.

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