Message history

Click the Message history button at the top right corner to open the message history.

  • Search messages by word's four or more first letters. You'll be shown all the messages that contain words starting with these letters.

  • Search messages by date.

  • Search files in this chat by name.

Click the small arrow next to the file in the message history to Download the file, Save to Drive or to Delete it.

To delete the message history, click the Delete button at the top right corner and click Delete all messages.

Chats with dismissed employees message logs

If you need to retrieve a chat with dismissed employees message logs, go to Company > Employees > apply the Dismissed persons filter > select an employee > click the hamburger button > Message Log.

Or you can open this employee's profile and click Message Log.

If you don't have the Dismissed persons filter in the Employees section, that means your administrator has disabled the Show dismissed employees option in Bitrix24 Account settings.
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