Checklists in Mobile tasks

Checklists in tasks are now available in the Bitrix24 Mobile app.

You can do the same things as when using tasks in the web version: create several checklists for one task, add items to a checklist, mark items as important, add files, add observers and participants to an item.

Checklist items and subitems

To add an item to a checklist, tap Add a checklist > Add item.

Just tap the needed element to change the checklist or item name.

To add a subitem to an item, just add a new item > tap the "three dots" button next to the item name > tap Move right.

Tap the corresponding button to move an item to another checklist.

Mark item as important

In the actions menu, tap the Important button.

Add file

Tap the Add file button to attach documents or images to a checklist item.

Add observer or participant

You can add an observer or a participant to a checklist item by tapping the corresponding buttons.

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