Regular clients report

The Regular clients report shows how many clients have purchased something from you within the selected reporting period.

You can find this report in the CRM Analytics section > Clients > Regular clients.

Columns in the report are built automatically and show how many deals have been closed within the selected reporting period, i.e., the report shows the number of clients with the same number of deals closed within the reporting period.

If you hover over the column, the statistics of this column will be shown:

  • Contacts - the number of contacts with successfully won deals.
  • Companies - the number of companies with successfully won deals.
  • Amount - the total amount of won deals in this group of clients.
  • Percent of gross sales - won deals amount in this group of clients percentage of the total won deals amount.

The Clients by number of deals table shows contacts and companies, the total number of deals, the total number of won deals, the total amount of won deals, and conversion rate (won deals amount percentage of the total deals amount).

Data in the report is filtered according to the selected reporting period. You can also filter the data by other fields if needed.

If several contacts are connected to one deal, this deal will be counted as connected to the first contact.
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