Top Grossing clients report

Top Grossing clients report shows clients with the highest total amount of won deals. The data from this report may be useful, for example, when creating a loyalty program or making personal discounts.

Clients with the highest total amount of won deals within the reporting period get to this report.

Read more in the article - Reporting period in CRM.

You can find this report in the CRM Analytics section. Go to CRM > Analytics > Sales funnel.

Expand the Clients section and select Top Grossing clients.

Hover your mouse over one of the columns to view a client's statistics on deals.

In the Top grossing client deals table, you can view the following information:

  • Client - the name of a contact or company;

  • Total deals - the number of deals within the reporting period;

  • Won - the number of won deals;

  • Value - the total amount of won deals;

  • Conversion - the percentage of won deals.

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