Task Planner

Bitrix24 Task Planner is a tool that helps you stay organized. This is your personal task planner that you can configure and use the way you want. Go to the Tasks and Projects section > Tasks > select the Planner view.

In a task card, there is a special icon that indicates the number of activities in this task. Special counters above the planner shows how many tasks are overdue the number of new comments to tasks.

Advantages of task planner

Your task planner is your own personal space. You can create your own task stages, plan your workday on your own. You can move tasks between these stages and nobody will get a notification about it.

Don't forget that task stages in your task planner don't have any connection with a task deadline. Take it into account and when creating stages don't forget about task deadline.

Can my colleagues view my task planner and tasks?

If your colleague opens the Tasks tab in your profile, he/she sees only stages names. He/she doesn't see tasks (except for tasks this colleague participates in).

Only the administrator and the employee's supervisor can view all the employee's tasks.

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