Task planner

Bitrix24 Task Planner is a tool that helps you stay organized. This is your personal space that you can customize to be exactly how you want it.

Advantages of Task Planner:

  • Task board: task cards are grouped the way you want.

  • Custom task stages: create your own task stages (columns) and configure their names, colors, and order.

  • Quick actions: add new tasks, start or complete a task with the help of the special icons without opening each task.

Task stages in your Task Planner don't have any connection with a task deadline. Take it into account and when creating stages don't forget about the task deadline.

How it works

Go to the Tasks and Projects section > Tasks > select the Planner view.

In a task card, there is a special icon that indicates the number of activities in this task. Special counters above the planner show how many tasks are overdue and the number of new comments in tasks.

Add custom task stages

You can add a new task stage using the + sign. Specify its name and color. Also, you can move stages to change their order.

Just drag and drop a task card to move it to another stage.

Create a task

You can quickly add the tasks using the + button under the stage title.

Set deadline and responsible person

You can set or change a task deadline right in the Task Planner. Just select the date and time in the pop-up calendar in task card.

Select a user from the list to change the task creator or responsible person.

Start and complete tasks

In each task card, you can see the buttons to Start and Complete task. Also, you can activate the Mute option for a task if notifications about new activities in it distract you.

Task Planner settings

To configure the task sorting, click the gear button at the top right corner. Sort the tasks by activity state or enable my sorting and decide how to display new tasks.

Here you can also select Configure view to customize the task card view.

Tick the fields that you want to add. For example, let's select Participants and Project fields.

New fields will appear in the task cards after applying the changes.

If your colleague opens the Tasks tab in your profile, he/she sees only stages names. He/she doesn't see your tasks (except for tasks in which this colleague participates).

Only the administrator and the employee's supervisor can view all the employee's tasks.

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