Workgroup (project) chat

Each workgroup or project has a set of features that can be either enabled or disabled for this workgroup (project). Workgroup chat is one of these features.

Enable the workgroup (project) chat

To enable the chat option for the existing workgroup, go to the Workgroups section > select a workgroup or a project > click Actions > Edit Workgroup.

Click More and tick Chat in the Features section. Click Save.

The chat button will be added to the workgroup features' menu. You can also easily access this chat by clicking the corresponding button at the top right corner:

Also, this chat can be found in the conversations list. All members of the workgroup are added to the chat automatically.

You cannot invite new users to the workgroup chat, you need to add them to the workgroup.

Disable the workgroup (project) chat

You cannot quit the workgroup chat, you can only disable the workgroup chat notifications. The workgroup chat can be disabled the same way as it's enabled (workgroup > Edit Workgroup > Actions). Only the workgroup owner can disable the workgroup chat. When the workgroup chat is disabled, there will be a sign saying that the workgroup chat is no longer linked to the workgroup. In this case, the workgroup chat will become a private chat.

You can now leave this chat or can remove users from the chat.

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