Paste images from the clipboard

You can copy images and paste them from the clipboard into the message or comment in Feed!

Clipboard is a temporary storage area for data (text or images) that you want to copy from one area to another.

Just copy any image and paste it into your message in Feed.

You can use the same option in Bitrix24 Web messenger and desktop app.

Also, you can add a comment to the message before sending it.

  1. Click Copy image or Copy picture to copy an image found in the Internet.
  2. If you copy this image as a file, you won't be able to paste it from the clipboard.
  3. You can also copy and paste images using the keyboard shortcuts:
    • MacOS : CMD + C / CMD + V
    • Windows : CTRL + C / CTRL + V
  4. The option is supported by most browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera.

    Unfortunately, this option can work incorrectly on Edge browser.
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