Add Email recipients to Feed posts

Create Feed post and add recipients email addresses

Now you can add external users to your Feed discussions as easy as typing their email addresses to the post recipients "To" field. This feature is absolutely free and available in all Bitrix24 plans:

It’s a good idea to add person’s first and last name, so that all of your colleagues know who’s participating in the discussion:

While all Bitrix24 users involved in the discussion will receive regular notifications, the external users invited by email will get an email message. The post content will be shown in the email message text.

The external recipients will actually see the full Feed post content - post author, text. recipients, links, attachments. When email users click "Add Comment", they will be taken to a special secure web page that resembles Bitrix24 activity stream post, rather than your Bitrix24 account - this is done for security purposes. Here your clients, partners and other external users can add their comments to your discussion, send links, share files, etc. You will see these inside YOUR Bitrix24 account.

The external comment lands into your Bitrix24 Feed as a usual comment:

The external recipient will be notified about all new comments to this post by email. If the subject requires further discussion the external user can stay on the web page & have a real-time communication with you and your colleagues.

The shared Feed post link is highly secured and is not indexed by search engine robots.

Add new recipients to the post discussion

Another scenario is when you are already in the middle of discussion in your Bitrix24 Feed and need to invite a new external user to the post.

Now you can add new external users to the post at any level of discussion.

The user will get an email with your comment and will be able to access full post history in a new web page.

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