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If you get the "Your connection is not secure" error

You can get Your connection is not secure error in some browsers. That means that your website doesn't have SSL certificate yet.

SSL certificate is issued and renewed automatically when connecting your own domain to the Bitrix24 Site, but it may take some time to do that. As a rule, it takes from 30 minutes to 3 hours after connecting your domain and depends on the workload of the Let's Encrypt certificate authority. After the certificate is ready, it will be connected to your site, and this warning will not be appearing.

If you get the "This domain already exists"error

You can get this error message if you are trying to use the domain name that is already used in Bitrix24.Sites.

Also, you can get this error message when you're trying to use the word bitrix in your own domain name. Just don't use this word and this error message will disappear.

If you get the "This domain already exists, but it was assigned to a site currently in the Recycle Bin" error

You can get this error message if you are trying to use the domain name that is already assigned to the website that is in the Recycle bin.

When you delete the website, it's moved to the Recycle bin first. However, the domain name assigned to this website is not becoming vacant automatically. You need to restore the deleted website > change its domain name in the site settings and save changes. Now you can assign this domain name to a new website without getting this error.

Using CloudFlare DNS proxying

Bitrix24 Sites and Online Stores don't support domains that use CloudFlare DNS proxying.

You need to disable DNS proxying in your CloudFlare account. Gray icon in the Status column with the DNS only sign means that DNS proxying is disabled. The orange one with the Proxied sign means that it's enabled.

If you connect a proxied domain via CloudFlare to your Bitrix24 Site or an Online Store, then within 7 days, if you do not disable proxying, the domain will be automatically disabled and the address will return to the base zone * or * Then you will have to reconnect the domain.

"Deceptive site ahead" error

If you get this error when visiting your website or cannot access your Bitrix24 account, read this article - "Deceptive site ahead" error.



There can be several reasons for the error DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN:

  • Error in domain resource records. Check A- and CNAME- records that are specified when connecting your domain in Bitrix24. Then check those records that you have entered in your domain administrator cabinet. There should not be any other А-, АААА- and CNAME- records for your domain, except for those which are provided when you connect to Bitrix24. When entering CNAME-record, there must be dot at the end:
  • The resource records settings in the domain administrator cabinet were not saved. Some DNS hosting services save the settings automatically. Some services require you to save the changes manually.
  • You need to wait. Changes in DNS resource records can take up to 48 hours. It does not depend on Bitrix24.
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