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Bitrix24.Sites Terms of Use


Bitrix24.Sites is an amazing tool that helps you create websites and landing pages quickly and easily. But as your website is a part of the Internet, you should follow simple rules when using Bitrix24.Sites.

Always keep the law

Use content that you have rights for. You shouldn't post any information that is forbidden to be posted by your country's Government. Please pay attention that every country has it's own intellectual property laws, advertising and marketing laws, etc., that you must uphold.

You are responsible for your website's content

Bitrix Inc. is not responsible for the content posted on your website. When using Bitrix24.Sites, you agree that Bitrix Inc. doesn't create a website for you, doesn't post or edit any content on your website.

Bitrix Inc. doesn't check the legality of the content posted on the created websites.

Bitrix Inc. has a right to shut the website down without explanation if violations detected.


You guarantee that the information on your website doesn’t violate anybody's copyright, breach commercial confidentiality or privacy, do harm to somebody's honor and dignity. You also guarantee that all content on your website is obtained legally.

Consult a legal attorney

If you have any concerns that some content may cause website shut down, please consult a legal attorney before posting it on your website.

And remember...

Your website is only your responsibility.

Terms of service violation notice

As it was said earlier, Bitrix Inc. doesn't check websites created with Bitrix24.Sites. If you've noticed any violation of these rules on the website created with Bitrix24.Sites, please use our Abuse form.

For complete Bitrix24 terms of service, please refer to Terms of Service.

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