Ad cost analysis: Google Ads

Check if word-by-word analysis of advertising campaigns is available on your plan. You can find all the information about Bitrix24 plans on the pricing page.

In the Sales Intelligence reports, you can analyze the ad cost from the Google Ads source. Previously, you could view only the total amount in these reports. Now, you can evaluate the performance of each ad campaign, view which ad groups have gained more clients, and which keywords are truly working.

If you're having trouble detailing your ad expenses, try the settings from the article Set up UTM tags to Google Ads.
Before using the Sales Intelligence reports, you need to connect traffic resources and start ad campaigns. Read more in the article - Connect traffic sources.

How it works

Go to the Sales Intelligence section > click Reports.

Go to the Advertising ROI section > click the Google Ads traffic source.

In the opened slider, you'll see the list of ad campaigns and their statistics.

Click the campaign name to view the ad group performance.

In the report, you will find the information on ads. You can estimate which of them has performed better and how much it has cost.

To get the keywords performance report, select the ad from the list.

In this report, you can view what keywords have been used by your clients to find your ad on the Internet.

With the Google Ads Advertising ROI report, you can configure your ads so that you get more clients for less money.

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