Connect traffic sources

One of the main features of Sales Intelligence is tracking the initial traffic source.

Source - is the starting point of the client path (social media, banner ad, business card, etc.).

To track the source, use UTM codes. Add UTM code to your website address, and place this URL on your Facebook or Instagram, etc. After the client follows this link and fills out the contact form or callback form, the source will be displayed in CRM.

In addition to default sources, you can add custom sources. For example, any social media, website or even a billboard!

You'll be able to configure your marketing account and get information about expenses soon.

How to use UTM codes

For example, let's configure Facebook page as a source. Select the source and specify the UTM code for it.

Add the link to your Facebook page.

When you click this link, you can see that the UTM code is added to the website address.

After the client fills out the contact form or callback form, the client path will be displayed in CRM.

You can also specify a unique email address and phone number for this source.

Read more in the article - Assign phone numbers and email addresses to traffic sources.

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