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Connect offline traffic sources to the Sales Intelligence


Sales Intelligence works not only with online traffic sources but with offline traffic sources too. For example, you've rented three billboards outside New York City, New York. You've specified your phone number on one of them. You can use Bitrix24 Sales Intelligence to understand that the client has learned about your company from these billboards.

How to connect offline sources

Click Sales Intelligence > click Add in the Traffic sources section. Name this traffic source and specify a special UTM code.

When adding a new offline traffic source, you can specify Referring domains. If a client comes from one of the specified websites, this source will be displayed in the Client path field of the deal/lead.

If your clients use AdBlock, incognito mode, etc., referring domains may be not displayed in the Client path as a traffic source. Thus, we recommend using referring domains as an addition to UTM parameters, not as a replacement.

Save changes. Click Call tracking and add the phone number specified on the billboard.

You can also specify your email address on a billboard.

You can read how to assign an email address to a traffic source in the article - Assign phone numbers and email addresses to traffic sources.

Assign the added phone number to the traffic source.

When the client calls to this number, Bitrix24 automatically specifies Three billboards as a traffic source in the Client path field.

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