Evaluate the REST load in Bitrix24

With the new Statistics tool in the Developer resources section, you can evaluate the load that third-party applications and integrations create on your Bitrix24.

Go to the Developer resources > Statistics section.

In this section, you can view the number of requests for each webhook, external integration or application.

REST load statistics section is available to administrators only.

By default, these statistics are displayed for the last 14 days. However, you can use the filter and view statistics for the last 60 days, but the maximum step in each selection should not exceed 14 days.

How it works

For example, you can see on the graph that a certain PBX app is causing the high load, around 313 thousand REST requests per day.

Let's open the filter and select this application. When hovering over the graph, you can see that this PBX application selects over 13 thousand CRM companies per day (REST method -

Let's see how many calls were made per day. Open the filter > in the Event name field, specify the REST method telephony.externalcall.register. You can see that there are only 22 calls.

The question then arises: why does this app make so many requests to the list of companies when so few calls have been made?

In this case, it's a good idea to contact the developer of the integration. This is probably a bug, or this application needs optimization or adjustment.

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