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Blocking REST API: reasons and solutions

Bitrix24 REST API is a set of tools for creating applications and integrations. Using REST, you can automate processes and enhance your Bitrix24 with the help of special requests.

If you make too many REST requests or set them up wrong, this will increase the load on the server infrastructure. For example, if an app checks all CRM activities every five minutes, it might get blocked. Bitrix, Inc. can limit access to the REST API due to a high load, according to clause 18.2. (e) of the Terms of Service.
Bitrix24 Terms of Service

What happens with too much load

  • Non-critical load. The first administrator gets a message asking them to contact our support team to find the cause of the load. If the admin does not respond, the source of the load (a webhook, local app, or another REST solution) will be blocked.

  • Large load. The source of the load is immediately blocked, and the first administrator is notified. Contact our support team to learn why it was blocked and how to fix it.

Notifications you might receive about high load

Depending on the situation, there are three messages the first administrator may receive in the chat. Also, all account administrators will get a notification that includes a link to the blocked app. If more than one integration is blocked, the notification will only include a link to one of those.

  • Your is showing a dramatic increase of activity, which creates a heavy system and server load and affects other users.
    Did you start any resource intensive processes like export or import, REST workflow automation or something like that? Please let us know by replying to this message.

  • Hello!
    Your webhook #WEBHOOK# has been blocked due to the high load on the server infrastructure. Please contact our technical support to get more details.

  • Hello!
    Your app #APP# has been blocked due to the high load on the server infrastructure. Please contact our technical support to get more details.

You can also check the load of the REST requests by yourself in Bitrix24.
Evaluate the REST load in Bitrix24

If you have received a notification from Bitrix24 about blocking REST, contact our support team. They will tell you why it happened and help you solve the issue.
How to contact Bitrix24 Support
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