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Terms of Service: updates

There is a summary of the major changes to the TERMS OF SERVICE, which will be effective on November 23, 2020.

What’s new?

  1. We updated the text of the terms, added structure to the sections, and changed the order of the sections where necessary.
  2. A Cyprus-based company Bitrix24 LIMITED that processes payments and handles personal data of our European users was added as the service provider.
  3. We added the term “Product”, which means various applications available in the Marketplace (please refer to §1.2).
  4. The customer support is now provided on the terms stipulated on this page (please refer to section 6 of the Terms).
  5. We updated the definitions regarding the terms of payments (please refer to section 7).
  6. Please note that Bitrix24 is not responsible for the services provided and rendered by third parties. Links to such services can be placed in Bitrix24 solely to make our product more convenient for you to use. All inquiries regarding such services shall be made to the third parties providing or rendering them (please refer to §9.5).
  7. The term “The intellectual property of Bitrix24” now also includes the intellectual property of its affiliates and licensors (please refer to §11.1).
  8. Our contractors, agents, dealers or distributors, or any other third party shall not have the right to modify our limited warranty, nor to make any additional warranties (please refer to §12.1).
  9. We have removed the section “Software” from the Terms due to the fact that the on-premise version of Bitrix24 is used on the EULA terms.
  10. We have expanded the list of content that you agree not to publish while using the Bitrix24 website, products, or services (please refer to §18.1(c)).
  11. In accordance with section 19, you also agree to indemnify and secure not only Bitrix24, but also its affiliates, licensors, and licensees from any expenses, losses, claims, damages, penalties, penalties, or liability.
  12. The Terms were supplemented with section 26 containing information on handling personal data.
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