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Video calls in Bitrix24 Mobile app

With the Bitrix24 Mobile app, you can make one-on-one video calls or calls to the entire department.

These calls are in HD quality, for free and without any time limit.

You can call your employees directly from the chat. Click the audio or video call icon in the chat.

When a call comes in, a special window appears. You can reject or answer the call with or without video.

The mobile application supports a vertical mode, which is convenient for communication, and a horizontal mode, if one of the attendees demonstrates the screen:

Call control panel

Controls are available in the call window during the call:

  1. Аttendees - you can see all participants of the call.
  2. Preview of your video - if the camera is turned on, you can see yourself and the main camera shooting. To switch to and from the main camera of your phone, click on the camera icon in the preview window.
  3. Left/right cursors - you can switch between interlocutors.
  4. User menu - actions with an interlocutor: to pin/unpin or to write a personal message.
  5. Microphone - to turn the microphone on/off.
  6. Camera - to turn the camera on/off.
  7. Menu - to open an additional menu of the call where you can notify what you want to say, return to the speaker display, see the attendees and specify audio output.
  8. Chat - to go to the video call chat without dropping the call.
  9. Hang up - to finish the call.
During a call, you can hide the controls by tapping the screen. To return the controls, tap the screen again.

User Menu

In the user menu, you can pin or unpin the current image of your interlocutor or write a private message to the colleague:

Call Menu

In the call menu, you can choose the following options:

  • Want to say - click to notify the speaker that you want to say something.
    This option is available in a call with more than 2 participants. A hand icon and a corresponding caption will appear.
  • Return to speaker - switch to the speaker's video.
  • Attendees - view the list of participants.
  • Sound device - select the source of the sound: phone, loudspeaker, or headphones.

Work with Chat

During a call, you can switch to the call chat. To return to the call, tap on your icon:

Features of video calls in Mobile app:

  • Calls in Bitrix24 Mobile app can be made in public and private chats.
  • The limit for the number of participants in group calls is 48 employees for all commercial plans and Bitrix24 On-Premise.

    For Free plan users, the limit is 12 employees.

  • The duration of video calls between employees is not limited.

Install the app

You can download the mobile app here.

The app is available for iOS and Android.

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