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Send messages from the Activity Stream

The Activity Stream allows users to be aware of all the current activity with pertains to them, such as new messages, comments, files, workflows or tasks notifications, etc.


Messages can be sent to all employees at once, to the particular workgroup(s), department(s), to the chosen employee(s) or even to external users.

The message recipients will see your post in their Activity Stream.

Sometimes, a message needs to be sent to everyone, but particular people need to be specially notified. If the message is intended for individual employee (this employee is added as message recipient) – this person(s) will also receive an instant messenger notification.

Please note that notifications won’t be sent for “group”, “department “or “all employees” recipients, though the message will be shown to all group’s (workgroup’s or everybody in case of “all employees”) members in their Activity Stream.

You can attach files, photos to the message, share links and add tags:


You can also use the Mention icon (or type “+user name”) to draw the attention of a particular user to your message:

  In this case the user'name will appear in the message text with a link to user's profile. This user will receive an instant messenger notification as well.

Mention in Activity Stream post - does not add mentioned user to the post's recipients. Please note that the mentioned user should be listed among the post's recipients (individually or within a group\department or when all employees are chosen) – otherwise this user won’t be able to see the message.

Mention in Activity Stream comment - does add mentioned user to the post's recipients automatically. 

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