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How much does Bitrix24 cost


Bitrix24 prices range from free to $199 per month. All subscription plans offer tools for uploading, organizing, and sharing files that range from 5GB to unlimited online storage space. Please see our plans and tariffs page.

Important: Bitrix24 offers communication tools for free for unlimited users (chats, Activity Stream messages, etc.), but the number of users who have access to business tools (tasks, CRM, etc.) is limited by tariff plan.

Here is how business tools users are presented under Bitrix24 subscription plans:

  • Free plan - 12 business users
  • CRM+ plan - 6 business users
  • Plus plan*- 24 users
  • Standard plan - 50 users
  • Professional plans - unlimited users

There are no limits on the number of tasks and projects you and your colleagues collaborate on in your Bitrix24, however, the commercial subscription plans (CRM+, Standard and Professional) include additional modules & tools that are absent in the Free plan. Please see our plans and tariffs page.

*Important: The PLUS subscription option was available to Bitrix24 users from January 10, 2016 to March 18, 2019. This subscription option was archived and is no longer available for new Bitrix24 users, meaning that Bitrix24 Cloud accounts created after March 18, 2019, that had never been activated with a commercial subscription, cannot be upgraded to the PLUS subscription. Upgrades or downgrades from other commercial options to the PLUS subscription also become unavailable after March 18, 2019. If your Bitrix24 Cloud account had been created before March 18, 2019, and you are currently using your account with the PLUS subscription option, you can continue renewing your PLUS subscription unless you decide to upgrade or downgrade your account to another available subscription option, or unless your Bitrix24 Cloud account gets rolled back to the FREE subscription option due to non-payment.
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