GDPR for CRM app

General Data Protection Regulation came into effect on May 25, 2018.
To make sure our users can follow the law, we developed a solution allowing you to anonymize CRM data per customer request.


Find the app in the Market section of your Bitrix24 account:
Click Install:
After you read and accept the Terms and Conditions, click install once more:
Finish the installation process:
When redirected to the application's settings page, it means the app is now successfully installed:

Set it up, and you'll be good to go 🙂

After installing the app, you will find the GDPR app integrated into the slider activities panel of leads, contacts, and companies : When the app's open you get two columns:
Current Client Personal Data Anonymized Client Personal Data
Shows how your client's data is currently saved. Shows how the data will be replaced after anonymization.

Click Create a Report if you need a PDF with your client's current data:
After clicking Anonymize Data, the real data will be irreversibly replaced and therefore anonymized.

Custom fields settings

Here you can configure which linked CRM entity names to anonymize along with personal data, e.g., names of deals associated with contacts in the CRM.
You can also choose which custom fields' data to anonymize for the given entities.
Learn how to work with Custom Fields in Bitrix24 CRM

Report settings

Select which of your companies you'd like to show on the Client Personal Data Report generated as PDF (see above for details):
More on managing My Company Details in Bitrix24

Cookie settings

Here you can configure the cookie consent found as a custom block in Bitrix sites: And this is how you'd add a consent block to your Bitrix Site:

Even though using the GDPR app's cookie processing is an option, at this point, you might prefer to use the standard capabilities of Bitrix24 Sites.

More on GDPR compliance in Bitrix24 in our articles:
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