QuickBooks integration app

Feel free to try out this integration app if you're an experienced QuickBooks user or looking to empower your Bitrix24 with QuickBooks' accounting capabilities.


Find the app in the Market section of your Bitrix24 account:
Click Install:
After you read and accept the Terms and Conditions, click Install once more:
Finish the installation process:

When you're offered to Log in, it means you've successfully installed the app, and it's now time to set it up.


If you're an existing QuickBooks user, click Log in.
New users will have to create a QuickBooks account before proceeding.

Make sure to import your QuickBooks records to a Bitrix24 account free of CRM records. Otherwise, you are risking duplicating your data.

Once you're in, map the fields according to your preferences:


Before starting the synchronization, make sure to disable the Check for required custom fields option in CRM settings:

Start when ready:

The synchronization works one way only, from QuickBooks to Bitrix24. After the synchronization starts, it may take a significant amount of time, depending on the number of records you need to import.

Feel free to leave the app's settings page and close your Bitrix24 tabs. The synchronization is a background process.

The process is complete when you see the initial sync report and the active synchronization status.


If you ever need to stop the synchronization, you can either uninstall the app or log out on the app's settings and keep it installed for later use.


After the initial synchronization is complete, you get your QuickBooks customers and invoices in Bitrix24 CRM. New customers and invoices created in QuickBooks will automatically be synced with your Bitrix24 account.

To sum up:
  • QuickBooks invoices import and sync as invoices in Bitrix24
  • QuickBooks customers get imported as Contacts or Companies in Bitrix24 depending on whether they have a company specified in the customer record

Creating invoices

To create an invoice in QuickBooks, go to the QuickBooks tab of the CRM slider:


After clicking on the Create Invoice button, it will then redirect you to a QuickBooks page where you will create the actual invoice:


It takes a couple of minutes for the synchronization to pick up the changes and for the invoice to appear in Bitrix24.

Creating new QuickBooks customers

If you created a contact or company in your Bitrix24 CRM after the initial sync with QuickBooks, clicking on the QuickBooks tab is enough for a customer to be created in your QuickBooks account.

Invoice statuses

Invoice statuses sync automatically with your QuickBooks account:


The integration supports standard Bitrix24 invoice statuses only:



Q: How do I transfer products from Bitrix24 when creating an invoice in QuickBooks?
A: The integration redirects you to your QuickBooks account, and you create an invoice from there. The products should be added from your Quickbooks database. There is no link between Bitrix24 products and Quickbooks products. You're welcome to submit a development request to our support.

Q: I'm trying to log in to my QuickBooks account, but I'm getting a "Domain not found" error. How do I fix that?
A: Apparently, something (e.g., adblocker or antivirus plug-in) in your web browser is blocking your attempt. Please try an alternative web browser such as Firefox. Alternatively, you could clear all cached data in your browser or try accessing the app via Incognito mode.
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