Zapier for Tasks app

Connect Bitrix24 Tasks to thousands of other web services and apps supported by Zapier.


Find the app in Bitrix24 Market:
Click install:
Read & accept Terms and Conditions > continue:
Now the app's successfully installed:


The app has the Private status in Zapier and can only be accessed via a personal invitation.
Accept the invitation:
Now you're ready to build the Zaps using Bitrix24 blocks:


Triggers allow Zapier to launch actions if something changes regarding tasks in your Bitrix24 account.

There are three types of event types for a trigger to respond to:
The frequency of Zapier checks for changes (update time) depends on your Zapier plan. It can be anywhere from 15 and down to 1 minute.

Example: Creating a trigger

Select Bitrix24 Tasks app as the Zap's trigger:
Select the Trigger event:
Choose an appropriate account:
Test the Trigger:
If everything goes well, you get a list of retrieved fields and values from Bitrix24 Tasks. Then, you could use them in the subsequent actions:


Thousands of apps, including Bitrix, can trigger Tasks to be created and updated all without coding, thanks to the Zapier platform and the integration app:

Creating tasks

Allows you to create a new task in your Bitrix24 account.

You can make the fields as you need to, but there are two required fields for a task to create using Zapier:

  1. Task Title - a task cannot exist in Bitrix24 without this essential piece of information
  2. Responsible User ID - system ID of a responsible user for a new task
You can find the IDs of your Bitrix24 users in the Employees section:
or quickly look it up in the URL of the user's profile page:
See our technical lookup table describing the many available fields when creating and updating tasks via Zapier.

Example: Creating a Task

Choose Bitrix24 Tasks app:
Choose the Create Task event:
Choose an appropriate account:
Map/fill out the fields:
If configured correctly, you should have success on the test:
The task got created in our Bitrix24 account per our preferences:

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