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Zapier for Communications app

Send notifications and messages to Bitrix24 Feed from thousands of web services and apps supported by Zapier.

Installation is as simple as only possible, just follow these steps to install the app from Bitrix24.Market. 

Zapier for Communications app requires an additional setup procedure, though, as the current version of the app is a private beta one. We've summarized all you need to know about the configuration and initial tests in this article, so that you could try it out.


The app has the Private status in Zapier and can only be accessed via a personal invitation.
Once you've installed the app from the Market, accept the invitation:
Zapier for Communications. Invite.jpeg
Now you're ready to build the Zaps using Bitrix24 blocks:
Create Zap.jpeg


As opposed to Zapier for CRM and Zapier for Tasks apps, Zapier for Communications does not have any triggers. If you would like to implement a scenario of such kind, please feel free to reach out to our Support team and kindly share some more details on potential use cases.

Thousands of apps, including Bitrix, can send notifications and messages to Bitrix24 Feed all without coding, thanks to the Zapier platform and the integration app:

Zapier for Communications. Select an event.jpeg

Create message

Allows you to send notifications to your Bitrix24 account.

All of the fields are required:

Zapier for Communications. Create message.jpeg

Let us unpack the required fields and what they stand for.

User ID field lets you specify the user who will get a notification. 

You can find the IDs of your Bitrix24 users in the Employees section:

Employees section.jpeg

Or quickly look it up in the URL of the user's profile page:

User ID.jpeg

Message field - content of a notification, can be put in manually or using values extracted from a third-party service (trigger stage). You can also combine both of the options, for example:

Combined message.jpeg

Type - on whose behalf to create a notification

  • SYSTEM - notification will appear on behalf of Zapier for Communications app
  • USER - notification will appear on behalf of [specified user]

SYSTEM vs. USER notification type:
User vs System notification.jpeg

Create blogpost

Post news and messages to your Bitrix24 Feed.

Feed post.jpeg
Messages get posted to all users. You cannot specify the recipients.

Example: Posting messages to the Feed

Find the latest available version of Bitrix24 Communication connector app:
Communication connector.jpeg

Choose the Create Blogpost event:
Create blogpost event.jpeg
Choose an appropriate account:

Choose Bitrix24 account.jpeg
Now fill out the fields:

Create blogpost event settings.jpeg
Test the action:

Test action.jpeg
Success! It means everything was properly configured:

Blogpost created.jpeg
All of our users see the new message in the Feed:

Feed post.jpeg

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